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We are Appartement 103.
A branding & packaging design agency
driven by a blend of enthusiasm, creativity
and a strong sense of responsibility.
We are Appartement 103.
A branding & packaging design agency driven by a blend of enthusiasm, creativity and a strong sense of responsibility.





We are a design boutique agency based in Paris but led by our convictions worldwide. The multicultural approach of our team of designers and strategists allows us to think globally and to contextualise each brand in its specific environment. Working hand in hand with our clients and finding the most accurate and creative answers together is our way to achieve a rewarding feeling of accomplishment.


Driven by a blend of enthusiasm, creativity and a strong sense of responsibility, our commitments guide the way we lead our projects. They’re based on 4 main pillars.

We are committed to people,

above all.

As packaging and branding experts, we have, more than ever, the duty to positively impact on people's lives. Our empathetic approach leads us to always put consumers and their needs at the core of our work. We act conscientiously, we think globally, and we feel particularly excited to be part of society's evolution, by accompanying brands in their ecological transition with a more sustainable mindset.

We are committed
to our clients
, we believe
in the power of co-creation.

Our mission is to provide inspiring, stimulating and thoughtful relationships with our partners. Respect and trust are at the heart of our approach - they empower collaborative creation. As a boutique agency, we are flexible, agile and always contactable!

We are committed to premium
and luxury brands
, we guide them
in their development.

The luxury industry faces new challenges and needs to reinvent itself, constantly. We believe that we have a crucial role to play in its reinvention. As a French-rooted agency, we have an unparalleled vision of the luxury codes, and we're keen on sharing our knowledge worldwide. But our favourite playground is using cross-cultural influences to build significant global brands.

We are committed to
trustworthy stories
and fearless creativity
we prioritise credible
insights and design innovation.

We give context to designs by digging into brands’ unique (hi)stories to reveal their essence: only this can make them tangible, unique and truly distinctive. Brands hold incredible inner assets. Substance, transparency and sincerity are our core pillars. 

Fired up by big ideas, our obsession for details leads us to craft beautiful and innovative creative solutions, building some of the most successful brands in the world.

Co-founder & creative director
Having lived in California, London and Paris, he's a citizen of the world exploring cities and looking for street art pieces. Led by a genuine love for building meaningful brands through inspiring human connections.
Co-founder & creative director
Optimist forever and a day, always seeing the glass half full which comes quite handy nowadays! A true success maker by always pushing boundaries, exploring unexpected creative directions with expertise and love for french elegance.
Client-Business Director
A Londoner mind with a Brazilian heart often headed to sunny beach locations, always looking sharp with his sunglasses. Connecting with people is naturally part of his culture, ignited with a strong sense of helping and being of service. The kind of person you can always count on!
Artistic Director
An adventurous English globetrotter driving his limitless creativity. Sampling every eating experience from the multi-ethnic heritage of Malaysian street food, to the rarefied environs of Michelin star restaurants in Paris and everything in between. Bon vivant!
Artistic Director
A small woman certainly, but with overflowing ideas. Passionate about illustrations and crafting beauty, you better buy her a painting now before she becomes famous! A smile that illuminates the agency every single day.
Artistic Director
Exploratory designer with two decades in London's top design agencies, always pursuing the BIG idea. Passionate guitarist and design teacher, he elevates projects with fearless creativity and a love for people.